Officers and Coordinator Leaders

The Mountaineering Section of the PATC

2017 Club Officers and Coordinators


Name: Mark Maier

Mark Maier returns as Chair of PATC-MS, after an enjoyable year of herding climbers and cats. It is said that 2017 will be remembered as one of the most well-herded years. He enjoys climbing at all the local crags, especially the Sierras. He is also the best dressed climber at the monthly meeting.

Vice Chair

 Name:  Carol Clayton

Those familiar with club events in recent years will recognize Carol from the numerous climbing excursions she has organized. Recently, after being tricked into participating at Alpine Skills Weekend, she has also taken up snow mountaineering and ice climbing. Someone has also managed to convince her that trad leading was safe.


Name: Corey Hilz

Corey can often be seen at the crag with his trusty camera and more often be heard by his gigantic laugh. 2018 sees Corey taking over the role of Treasurer, armed with no more than an excel spreadsheet. He enjoys rock climbing and would love to transition to more mountaineering. If he looks different from his photos last year, it's because his hair was stolen some time in June (if found, please return to lost and found).


Name: Siobhan Williams

Having not been scared off by her first stint as the PMC's Secretary last year, Siobhan brings much needed life to the pile of grumpy climbers that is PATC-MS as the club's Secretary for 2018. Siobhan enjoys climbing anything that is available, from Seneca to Carderock to Old Rag, and when nothing else is available, the side of boats. She has a scary stuffed animal with three heads and eight legs that guards her car.

Access Name: Edwin Bachetti
Maintains liaison with local and national climbing access organizations.  Stays abreast of access issues, informs the PATC-MS membership of the issues, and recommends PATC-MS involvement as appropriate.

A warm weather mammal that can often be found rock climbing on sunny days, it is believed that Edwin subsists on a diet of cookies to survive the winters of the mid Atlantic region. When not hibernating through the snowy season, he can also be found directing volunteers in the best way to distribute mulch on worn climber trails.

Coordinators Reporting to Vice-Chairman

Expeditions Name: Dave Ciesla
Solicits, evaluates, and make recommendation to the EXCOM to about which proposals should be sponsored bi-annually.

Name: Marty Comisky
Solicits, coordinates, and organizes training events for the membership throughout the year and posts the details to the club calendar.

Former gymnast and suspected contortionist, Marty Comisky runs a number of clinics for the PMC. He enjoys teaching, and it is his hope that his work will keep to a minimum the number of PMC climbers suffering embarrassing accidents and being featured on blogs about terrible anchors. If he had written that last sentence himself, no doubt it would have been better constructed. By last count, he knows how to tie 417 knots and can belay 6 people at once.
Elections Name: Carol Clayton
Solicits candidates and establishes procedures and deadlines as outlined in the PMC Bylaws.  Coordinates the election with the PMC Membership via the PMC membership database.

Coordinators Reporting to Secretary

Membership Name: Jenni Weisman
Solicits new membership at local climbing events, particularly Carderock and Great Falls climbing.  Assists with and collects new membership paperwork (applications & waivers) and forwards those to the Secretary.

Jenni has understandably abandoned us for the rockier pastures of the Pacific North West, trading the Mid-Atlantic's malevolent mosquitoes for magnificent mountains. PATC-MS could seriously use a membership/event coordinator. Please contact the EXCOM if you are interested in volunteering.
Women's Events Name: Eliddia Mader, Edith Han
Solicits, coordinates, and organizes women-only events for the membership throughout the year and posts the details to the club calendar.

Name: Emil Raev
Manages website, online events, emails, and mailing list.

Coordinators Reporting to Treasurer

Publications Editor Name: Vincent Penoso
Coordinates, organizes, publishes, and distributes the club newsletter quarterly.  Coordinates all publishing, reproduction, and sales of PMC quidebooks and other printed material.  Maintains liaison with PATC HQ to maintain inventories of all PMC published materials.

Names: John Gannon, Chris Bair
Purchases (as directed by the EXCOM), stores, maintains, and accounts for all club gear and library materials.


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