Clinic: Top-Rope Anchors

  • Saturday, April 01, 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Carderock Recreation Area (see description for map link)
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Clinic: Top-Rope Anchors

Event Description:


This is our annual spring clinic designed primarily for new climbers looking to venture outdoors
with little or no experience building top rope anchors, or for those needing a refresher as the
outdoor climbing season begins. While the emphasis will be on those new to building top-rope
anchors, we hope to provide additional tips and tricks to satisfy those looking to refresh and
expand their anchoring skill set.

This clinic will be held at Carderock, MD. We will begin at 9:00 AM and wrap-up around 1:00 PM. Please expect to arrive at the parking lot 15 minutes early so that we can group up and
promptly begin.

The goal of this clinic is to provide knowledge and experience that will help you to successfully
build and evaluate top rope anchor systems using natural protection (trees, boulders, etc).
Building anchors using traditional pro (cams, nuts, hexes, etc) is beyond the scope of this clinic.

In this clinic we'll cover:

  • The basic principles and physics of anchor construction and top rope systems
  • How to properly select and evaluate natural protection
  • New knots and hitches - when to use them and why
  • How to properly build, evaluate, and setup a top rope anchor

Most importantly, we'll be there to answer questions, provide guidance, and give you the
opportunity to gain hands-on experience building and evaluating top rope anchors yourself. If
time permits, you might even be able to squeeze a climb in on an anchor you've built yourself!

Skills required:

Ability to competently top-rope belay in a gym (or outdoor) setting

Equipment required:

  • Harness, shoes, chalk-bag & helmet (personal choice)
  • Two (2) Locking carabiners and belay device.
  • Lunch/snacks and water.
  • Optional: Additional locking carabiner and prusik loop / accessory cord

Directions to Event:

Note: When searching for directions on the internet, you will commonly find the community of
Carderock, MD. Be sure to specify “Carderock Recreation Area”, or try this link:
1. From 495, take exit 41 towards Carderock. This will put you on Clara Barton Pkwy
heading west (outside of the beltway).
2. Once on the Pkwy, take the first exit on the right (not marked with a number) which will
lead you up to a stop sign on an overpass.
3. Take a left at the stop sign to proceed over the overpass toward Carderock.
4. Continue straight after going across the overpass. You will soon bear right.
5. Continue through a tunnel to arrive at a stop sign affectionately called the "T".
6. Make a right at the "T" and drive to the last parking lot at the very end.


This clinic is primarily for new climbers venturing outdoors with little or no experience building top rope anchors. Hopefully, there will be sufficient esoteric tips/tricks thrown out to satisfy those experienced climbers looking to expand their anchoring efficiency/skills.

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Climbing is a dangerous sport and serious injury may occur.

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