New Trad Leader Day 2016

  • Saturday, June 25, 2016
  • 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Buzzard Rocks, VA
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New Leader Day 2016

Been leading in the gym and/or sport climbs? Follow trad routes? Want to lead your first traditional route? New Leader Day may be for you.

Experienced traditional climbing leaders will share the knowledge and techniques they use to lead single and multi-pitch rock routes. This event if for experienced followers who want to make the jump to traditional leading. 

*** Note: This will only be a one-day event. The backup (rain) day is the following day, Sunday 26 June. ***

Topics covered include: Placing nuts and cams, building the most common and useful kinds of anchors, belaying the second, preparing for and sequencing a traditional lead, and getting down (multi-person and multi-pitch rappels). The day will include participants mock leading a route as they apply what has been covered during the day. This day will in no way replace professional instruction or the usual years of apprenticeship many climbers take on in order to develop the judgment and skills necessary to lead climb as safely as is possible. This event is meant for those just learning to lead trad climbs.

The event will take place at Buzzards Rock, VA.

Skills required:

  First and foremost the willingness to take responsibility for yourself and the safety of others.

  The ability to lead belay and comfortably follow rock routes. 

   Knowledge of basic climbing knots like: retraced figure eight, figure eight on a bight, overhand knot, overhand on a bight, clove hitch, double fisherman’s knot, friction hitches like the prussic and/or the autoblock, EDK or flat overhand, Bowline.

  Knowledge of setting up top rope anchors

Equipment required:

•    Personal climbing gear (shoes, helmet, harness) 

•    Two locking biners and belay device (Grigri or autoblocking device preferred)

•    One, 20 ft. cordelette, one short length of cord for an aubobloc

•    One, 1 inch wide, 48’ length nylon, runner

•    Headlamp 

•    Appropriate food, water, and clothing for a full day outdoors

If you have a trad rack and rope you should bring them. If you have additional locking biners you should bring them. There will be mentor's gear you can work with.

Carpool to Event: Due to limited parking at trailhead, we will carpool from the Oakton and Haymarket Rally Points, leaving at 7:00 am before driving to Buzzard Rocks. We will rally near the Starbuck located in the shopping center at 2930 Chain Bridge Road, Oakton, VA 22124. It’s located off of Route 123, the exit past Nutley St. Directions to carpool: On 66 take the exit after Nutley, which is 123 north (right), go 4 lights and turn LEFT into strip mall! OR Nutley north (right) (more traffic) and all the way to Maple, then turn left for 2 miles to Famous Dave's. (easier to go to the next exit @ 123). There is a GIANT grocery tucked way in the back. If you plan to hit Starbucks or McDonalds, please come early so we don’t have to wait for you. If you would prefer the Haymarket location please inform the organizer.

Carpool to event will take about an hour. There will be an approximate two-mile hike into the climbing area during which event leaders will share of knowledge and techniques.

Miscellaneous Cancellation Policy: If you can no longer make the event, please change your registration as soon as possible. This allows people on the wait list to join. If you fail to show for an event and do not cancel within 48 hours, you will be considered a no show. Club members who have 3 or more no shows will not be able to register for future events for a period of one year whether it's due to failure to cancel or the person does not show up for the event at all.

PATC-MS Member Only policy: This event is for members of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club-Mountaineering Section only, in good standing with liability waivers on file, unless otherwise stated.

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