2014 PATC-MS Annual Photo Contest

  • Saturday, November 22, 2014
  • Wednesday, December 10, 2014
  • everywhere and anywhere there is climbing


It's that time of year again.   The 2014 PATC-MS Annual Photo Contest is on!  Photos should be submitted to Todd Sleeman at tsleeman@me.com.  If submitting more than one photo per email please tell us which picture is for which category.

There are six categories that members can enter their photos for.  The deadline for all submission is midnight on 10 December.  

Photos are judged by all attendees at the Holiday Party on 12 December.

The categories and prizes are:

Club Colors

Club members proudly displaying the PATC-MS logo whether it be stickers, flags, shirts, or even "PATC-MS" written on a piece of paper.

Prize: BD Shot Pack


Alpine Climbing

Photos from Club members' Alpine expeditions 

Prize: BD Evac 7 Shovel


Ice Climbing

Photos from Club members' Ice Climbing trips from the Daks to Ouray and beyond.

Prize:  BD 16 cm Express Ice Screw + BD Ice Screw Up pack


Rock Climbing

Photos from Club members' Rock Climbing trips from Great Falls, to Seneca, the New River Gorge, etc.

Prize: BD .75 X4 Cam


Rock climbing: Far away places

Photos from Club members' climbing expeditions beyond our usual haunts (local crags, Seneca, the Gunks/New, etc.).

Prize: Osprey Porter 65 Pack


An all-around category of funny shots, antics at the crag, etc

Prize:  Petzl Kab Rope Bag


The official rules are as follows:

  1. Only quality digital photos that are around 2 MB in size are accepted.  We will be printing these up so the bigger the file size, the better it will print.
  2. Photos do not need to be spread across categories; a member is free to submit photos for a single category only.
  3. No more than 6 photos per member may be submitted - multiple submissions up to the total of 6 are permitted.
  4. Participants must be paid up members in good standing.
  5. Submitted photos must have been taken by the member making the submission or contain you (we won't turn away your summit/crushing it photo if someone from another party took it).
  6. Photos must have been taken between 09 December 2013 and 10 December 2014.
  7. In making the submission, photographers agree to allow the PATC-MS to distribute and display the photos at will with acknowledgement of the photographer given where possible.
  8. Subject matter should be climbing and mountaineering-related pursuits undertaken outdoors.
  9. Nudity, profanity or generally offensive material will not be accepted.
  10. Member name and surname must be clearly distinguished by email and photos must be nominated for a category. Submissions may only be permitted by email.
  11. Background, context or accompanying stories for photos are welcome.

For inspiration you can see all of our past photo entries on the club's Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/potomacmountainclub/sets/ or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PotomacMountainClub/photos_albums?ref=hl

Please email us at the address above with any questions.

Good luck everyone!!!

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