Fall Trail Work Weekend at Seneca Rocks

  • Saturday, September 06, 2014
  • Sunday, September 07, 2014
  • Seneca Rocks, WV
  • 10


Registration is closed


On 06/07 September we will hold a Seneca trail work weekend.  Please be prepared for some good hard work.  At this event we will be working on the East Ridge Trail:

-Building a new stone staircase to begin the main climb of the East Ridge Trail.

-Extensive cribbing work (i.e. moving a lot of stone of all sizes) in the middle East Ridge Trail.

-Blocking old social trails to keep hikers/climbers on the proper path

Registration is limited to 20 volunteers.  This is the max amount of people we can safely coordinate and effectively utilize.  You don't necessarily need to be the burly strong type because we have lots of different jobs where people can help out.  What you do need to bring is a good attitude to work hard and have fun giving back to the crag that gives us so much.

We will meet at 8am at the Gendarme on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Quitting time on Saturday is around 4pm.

Bring work gloves, water and a lunch.  Wear a tough pair of long pants with good hiking shoes or work boots.  Helmets aren't mandatory for this one but they're always a good idea.

We'll have a large cookout dinner on Saturday night at the Gendarme, sponsored by Friends of Seneca.

Camping for Friday and Saturday night at Princess Snowbird will be covered by the Club. Participants will check-in with Andy Weinmann on Saturday morning and we'll get your details for camping.

Please contact Andy Weinmann if you've never been to Seneca or have any other questions.  I will email all attendees once we get a little closer.  We'll coordinate transportation arrangements, etc.
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