Rope Skills Workshop

  • Sunday, August 10, 2014
  • 9:00 AM
  • Great Falls
  • 1


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The purpose of this workshop is help people practice key skills in rappelling, ascending, lowering, and raising that don’t get frequent practice but can be really important. The focus on this workshop is on practice not instruction. When you attend you should plan to practice skills you know but may be weak in or haven’t done for a while. If you want to learn a new skill there may be somebody present who can teach it, but you shouldn’t count on it. 

Please enter your skill practice interests, ability to supervise, and anything you'd like to learn in the Googledocs spreadsheet (we will email the link to registrants).

Ropes will be set up to facilitate practice of the following:

Rappelling: Rappel with a self belay, crossing a difficult edge, rappelling without your regular device, rappelling past a knot, rappelling with a heavy pack, rope saddlebags, tandem rappel

Ascending: Ascending a rope with prussic knots, using prussic alternatives, using mechanical ascenders

Lowering: Belay to lower conversion and conversion back to belay (consult AAC Accidents in North American Mountaineering for some specific guidelines)

Raising: 3:1 Drop Loop haul, standard 3:1 haul, higher advantage hauls, mechanical hauling (if you have the gear, and for big walls)

Integrated Skills: “AMGA 45 minute drill” or simplified version (lower, haul, counterbalance rappel with continuous transitions)

If you are planning to take advantage of New Follower Weekend or start climbing at Seneca it would be a good idea to practice the basics of rappelling and ascending in typical situations.

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